Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plush You 2008

For this year's Plush You show I decided to make a couple of robots and a ray gun. Both of the robots have a little hiding space in their chests. The ray gun is mounted on a canvas board with hooks so that it can still be played with, you never know when a ray gun can come in handy!

Kitchen Scales

Here's a set of vintage kitchen scales inspired by a set that I found at Value Village.
Like the set it's modeled off, the dial at the front spins so that you can adjust the weight.

Hungry monsters

These hungry monsters appear to have eaten some of their smaller friends. It doesn't look like the little guys mind though, I guess it's a pretty comfy hiding place in there!

Trip to Toronto

Yikes, I can't believe I haven't posted anything since May! I blame a very busy summer, a sick computer and moving to a new apartment.

Back in June I took a trip to Toronto and got to see the lovely Alli and her beautiful gallery in the Distillery District. I took along a sewn tape deck, complete with removable tape and when you press the radio tuning knob it activates a radio static noise hidden inside the tape player.