Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toys under the tree

I wanted to make toys that I felt were timeless and would be nostalgic for viewers of all ages.

The circus train has a masonite base, with painted wooden dowels for the bars, that is covered in hand dyed wool felt with embroidered details. All of the animals are needle felted and then stitched in place.

The wagon filled with building blocks was made with felt covered foam blocks and a felt covered coroplast base for the wagon. Each of the blocks is removable so they can be stacked and rearranged.

The toy oven door opens and inside is a tray of chocolate chip cookies.

The knobs on the Etch A Sketch turn.

Christmas Tree

I have finally finished the project that I have been working on all year.
I was asked to make the "Founder's Tree" for this year's Festival of Trees fundraiser for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. The tree will be auctioned off on November 28th. Fingers crossed it makes lots of money for the charity!

I painstakingly stripped an artificial tree of all its needles to use as the base. I used hand dyed wool felt fringe wrapped around each branch and then anchored with wire to create felt needles. I decorated the tree with "glass" ornaments based on vintage designs, yarn tinsel and twisted "metal" icicles.