Sunday, November 14, 2010


While out for a walk this week with Wren I discovered a great park. Unfortunately she had fallen asleep so Spencer and I went back today. The weather was so beautiful, really sunny and warm. Wren had so much fun on the swing and watching the other kids. We're so excited that this park is only a few minutes away from our house.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Church Sale

Before I was on maternity leave I worked every Saturday so I missed out on a lot of church sales. I love them, especially in the run up to Christmas when there are tons of great Christmas crafts and bake tables. This morning we got up bright and early and I was lucky enough to find some real treasures. Believe it or not these are just the highlights!

A really old coffee tin, a vintage Dutch cracker tin, a 1950s birthday card and 3 miniature Santa mugs/candle holders.

1936 Singer sewing machine. I haven't decided yet if I'll invest the money to get it up and running again. If it's not too expensive I definitely will.

These strange vintage place mats appear to be hand screenprinted. There's about 8 of them and these are my favorites. I'm definitely going to do some fun sewing projects with them.

About 2 metres of amazing vintage fabric

2 Wooden cars

Bass River rocking chair for the little miss when she's a little bigger. I LOVE the kittens on the back of the seat.

I have no idea what this is but I couldn't resist the beautiful bark cloth. It has a ring at the top and the 2 sides are open. It's far too big for toilet rolls and it couldn't hold bags as the sides are completely open. Any ideas?

I love the colours in this crochet blanket. It's wool and in great shape.

On top of all this I got a bunch of hand woven linen place mats and napkins that I will probably emboider on, some embroider hoops, a few other toys and some vintage clothes for Wren that I'll show you later. The best part of all I only spent $40!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Shiny new floors!

Wow it's been a while since I've posted anything. We didn't realise when we moved into our house that the floors needed to be refinished. They looked pretty good but any time we spilled any water it soaked right into the wood and left a mark. We figured we better do something about it before Wren starts crawling. Moving every single item of furniture into our office and kitchen (the only 2 rooms we weren't refinishing) seemed like a feat of Tetris proportions. The sanding and varnishing was another huge task but luckily for me Spencer did most of the work. We're finally home again after staying at my parents for nearly a week. Now to put everything back where it belongs.

Monday, November 1, 2010

High Chairs

I took advantage of the beautiful weather to fix up these great high chairs I've thrifted for Wren. She's just starting to sit up in the Ikea highchair at my parent's house so before too long she'll be able to use these. I cleaned them up and put a few more coats of varnish. The one on the right can be converted into a table and chairs when she's bigger. I love the bear image on the back and the red beads going around the tray. I wish I knew how to clean up the metal rail though. It has some spotting and a few bits of rust.