Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby's First Watch

Here's Wren sporting a new watch and it's a calculator watch at that. She thinks it's great for adding up all her nap times to prove to mom and dad that she can stay up later. Unfortunately felt batteries aren't too reliable so it doesn't keep time that well. At least it's right twice a day!

Wren busy at work

Uh-oh Wren just realised that she's late for lunch

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bloesem Kids and Fat Sheep

I've been following a really great blog called Bloesem Kids for several weeks now. I find it really inspiring to see so many beautiful and original things for children. She also has a feature called Mom Story where she interviews different extraordinary moms. Reading it definitely motivates me to strive to be more creative everyday.

A few weeks ago I entered one of her giveaways for a gift voucher from FatSheep and I was lucky enough to win a beautiful dress for Wren. It's a little too big for her right now but it still looks really cute on. I can see that it's going to be a piece that she can wear for a while because it's quite stretchy and being merino wool I know it's going to be really versatile. It will keep her warm when it's cold and cool when she's hot. I also shouldn't have to wash it too much because wool is naturally antibacterial and any little mishaps can just be spot cleaned. Wren has some knitted wool diaper covers that were originally my brothers in the early 1970s and they are wonderful. It's amazing, they look brand new, there isn't a stain or a smell on them and they are almost 40 years old!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bird Mobile

I have finally finished a mobile for Wren's room. I feel like a terrible mother. Making stuff is my 'thing' yet for some reason I haven't found the energy to make Wren something until now. The knitted cat doll (made to look like our cat Hank) that I began while I was on bed rest during my pregnancy is still sitting in a bag in my closet. It's not even close to being finished. I'm hoping I can be motivated to finish it for Christmas. I love the sight of a hand made toy poking out of the top of a stocking.

My first attempt at a mobile took forever and looked terrible (don't try and colour foam core with markers, for some reason it dries them out and you end up ruining pens and getting really frustrated) and I got really disheartened. I wanted to make Wren something that wasn't too babyish, something she can use to decorate her room as she gets older. I thought the bright red and blue would be a good colour choice for this, and at the same time would be eye-catching and interesting for Wren now.

I hand stitched wool felt, stuffing it with polyfill and embroidered Wren's name and the bird's eyes. To hang it I repurposed some old embroidery hoops. I'm pretty happy with the results and best of all when Wren is in her bedroom she can't take her eyes off it. I'm so happy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last weekend my friend Andrea and I had a Gocco date. Every few months we try to get together and spend the day Goccoing. We spent the day printing cards and later discovered that by coincidence it was World Card Making Day!

We have found that clothes drying racks come in really handy when we're dealing with lots of cards with fresh ink.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Wren got all dressed up for her first Thanksgiving and she got to watch us consume not one but two turkey dinners!

Wren also spent the weekend dancing to her favorite David Bowie song.