Thursday, August 6, 2009

Domus Opus

My 2 coworkers and I had a show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery here in Halifax, Nova Scotia that opened July 20th.

Jesse's pearl covered work boots, Dianne's metal pillows, quilts and rug and my felt alarm clock, hair curlers, iron and sewing machine

To the left Jesse's hammer and saw, miniature pink anvils and pearl covered work boots

Dianne's metal quilts on the wall

My kitchen scales and radio

My alarm clock and hair curlers alongside Dianne's pillows

My digital alarm clock on a nightstand


Sewing Machine


Hair Curlers

These vintage Clairol hair curlers were calling out to me at a recent Value Village visit. They proved to be a really big challenge. I was really hoping to have the lid open so that you could remove the curlers but I couldn't find a vinyl strong enough that could hold it's shape on its own. In the end I had to sew the lid closed and the curlers give the lid its shape. I'm a little obsessed with power cords these days, I love adding them to all my pieces.

Funnily enough last week I picked up a 1975 copy of the Eaton's Catalogue and inside were the exact curlers!

Felt Music

My felt microphone was used for an advertisement for Felt Music in Campaign magazine published 7th November 2008. It was so exciting to see my work full page in a magazine!

Gaming Magazines

I've been without a scanner for about a year now so I've had work piling up to be scanned. Thanks to Dianne and Shawn I have a scanner again finally, so here's some older stuff that I've been wanting to share.

The following are some gaming magazines that featured my felt Nintendo system:

Games Master May 2008

GEE July/August 2008

Nintendo Power June 2009