Friday, September 24, 2010

Wren Pendant

My great friend Angie Arsenault (be sure to check out her flickr) made me the most beautiful gift to commemorate Wren's birth. Her jewellery is so striking and not too girly, which is perfect for a tomboy like me who doesn't wear much jewellery. Angie and I have been friends for over 10 years now. We met when we lived together in the halls of residence our first year at NSCAD and discovered that strangely enough we were born on the same day. Over the years we've always tried to give each other hand made gifts, so I'm lucky enough to own several of her jewellery pieces.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Felt Music

The wonderful Felt Music have used another of my works for an advertisement.
It's so exciting to see my work in print.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blythe & Wren



Since my mom has saved a lot of my baby clothes I thought it would be fun to stage a photo of Wren to look like me. So here I am in my dad's arms at 1 month old and Wren in a similar pose in her dad's arms at 3 months old. I think we have the same eyes and nose but she definitely has her papa's mouth.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In Favor of Fuzz interview

I have just been interviewed by the lovely Kelsie of In Favor of Fuzz and she asked some really great questions. I have been following her inspiring blog for a while now and I'm excited to be featured in it.

You can check out my interview here.

Life with Wren

I can't believe that in 2 weeks Wren will be 4 months old. Time has gone by so quickly but at the same time I can't remember a time without her.
My days have been busy reading Peepo, playing with finger puppets, joining in with tummy time by lying in the middle of the living room floor and of course nursing and washing diapers. I think I'm finally into the routine of things and have great ambitions of getting sewing again. We'll have to see if Wren is willing to share me!