Thursday, August 6, 2009

Domus Opus

My 2 coworkers and I had a show at the Anna Leonowens Gallery here in Halifax, Nova Scotia that opened July 20th.

Jesse's pearl covered work boots, Dianne's metal pillows, quilts and rug and my felt alarm clock, hair curlers, iron and sewing machine

To the left Jesse's hammer and saw, miniature pink anvils and pearl covered work boots

Dianne's metal quilts on the wall

My kitchen scales and radio

My alarm clock and hair curlers alongside Dianne's pillows

My digital alarm clock on a nightstand


Sewing Machine


1 comment:

Dees said...

My goodness woman you are BRILLIANT!I love each and every item you made!I am in complete aw!Huge compliments!
xoxo Dees