Sunday, July 1, 2007


I made some monster puppets as a special request. They're double the size of my regular monsters and do they ever like to talk!!!!


takinanap said...

hi blythe. glad i got to meet these guys in person before they went on their travels. hope we get to bump into each other in the mfa program:)

takinanap said...
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HoneyA said...

Hey Blythery,
Those puppets look awesome. I really love the darkest guy. I'll have to get Ron to introduce me next time I see him.

Ron said...

They're awesome, thanks again!

spleenal said...

found you via the wippets, cool stuff.
In the last picture there he looks like one of those slightly drunk friends who's suddenly all fired up about how great something is and has started shout-talking about it.

either that or he's about to make his move.