Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Plush You Interview

In case you didn't see it a while back I was interviewed by the lovely Schmancy on the Plush You blog:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Display at Argyle Fine Art

I have a display of work up at Argyle Fine Art until the end of the week. I sold my gumball machine yesterday and I'm a little sad to see my first piece go.


I finally finished the Nintendo I have been working on for 2 weeks. I was so rushed to finish it I didn't get a chance to get any decent pictures before I dropped it off at Argyle Fine Art, so here's some quick pictures I took of it at the gallery. The Nintendo comes with with 2 games: Duck Hunt and Mario 3 , has a controller and a gun that can be unplugged and switched around, and 2 interchangeable screens so that you can either "play" Mario or Duckhunt depending on your mood. The game slot opens so that you add or remove games. Unfortunately I haven't found the right combination of hitting reset or blowing on the game cartridges to get the games to advance!


I had a small article on my work printed in this weeks HFX.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have been having a lot of fun recently making cameras. Of course the first piece I made was a camera for Spencer for Valentines Day. It helps having a collection of really fun vintage cameras and now that I'm taking an extra interest in them I have been finding some really quirky looking ones at Value Village. Here's the first piece I ever made and some more recent cameras. I have about 6 other cameras waiting to be made as soon as I can find the time.