Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Pitch of the Stitch

Here's a sneak peek of my new show opening April 11th at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm busy sewing more pieces so there will be lots more to see. Come to the opening and see the boom box in action!






spooniep said...


Amazing work yet again. I only wish I could see these in person.

Sleep Goblin said...

Holy cow the batteries are cute!!!!

Caffaknitted said...

whoa!! Your stuff is amazing! I was just thinking of knitting batteries to go in the calculator I knitted...but yours are so cute and perfect.

Seriously...way cool.

amoebaboy said...

wonderful, simply wonderful.
lovley idea well executed, i love all the aux inputs on the boom box, you dont get them on tape players any more.

mnc said...

woow awesome :) i would like to buy one of them.
are you selling ?

benvenuta said...

Here via Boing Boing. I`m delighted! your work is just joy to look at!

mellowknees said...

WOW - you have amazing talent with needle and thread! I love the phone especially! :)

Sewn by Blythe said...

Thanks everyone!
mnc: They'll be for sale through Argyle Fine Art gallery once the exhibition opens on the 11th April. (

Gálago said...

Congratulations for all your designs, your works are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

hello Bylthe,
I bought your monster teddy bear at the mental health foundation of NS gala dinner tonight. It will be a christmas present for my daughter. It was the only thing that caught my eye at the event.

Funny coincidence, I had met your mother at Value Village 1/2 price day, and we started to talk about your work in the line up. She may be amused that I came across your work shortly after our encounter, small world.
unique, original work, all the best
Tara Purcell-Newton