Saturday, January 1, 2011


I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. We gave the pictures above out with our Christmas cards this year. While organising my winter hats and scarves I came across 3 vintage balaclavas with ears that I bought years ago and had the brainwave to take ridiculous photos of ourselves. I think silly Christmas pictures are going to become an annual affair.

Wren's first Christmas was wonderful. Of course she was spoiled rotten by the whole family. Here she is under the tree with all her presents.

We really tried to stick to a budget this year and for once I was actually pretty good with sticking to my handmade Christmas plan. I even got my weaving loom set up and wove rag rugs for Spencer's parents and a table runner and place mats for my parents. It felt fantastic to be weaving again and I know there will be lots more weaving in store for the new year. On top of handmade gifts Spencer and I also gave each other vintage gifts. My favorite from Spencer was an Ebay find of 13 vintage toy cameras that you'll be seeing at some point in the future.

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